Blessings and Merry Meet!

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My name is Jennifer. I am a forest dweller of the Northern Woods. A fairytale princess of ancient times. A hedge witch of the green forest. I practice the wise arts and believe in the magic of the wild wood. I am an herbalist, a diviner, a crystal keeper, a candle maker and a potion brewer. I am a maiden of the forest, a believer in magic, and a lover of all things fairytale. I live in a wee cottage at the opening of a wild wood, where I paint and sculpt characters and scenes from tales from long ago. It is here that I craft magickal candles, and brew potions for many purposes. I am an avid book collector and keep a tremendous collection of tales from all around the world. I am often found tending to my garden, curled up with a story, concocting a healing recipe, or casting runes.

I am a historian, a friend and believer in the fae, an elfin wanderer, and a magical practitioner. I collect woodland curiosities, magickal objects, medieval weaponry, fairytale clothing, mystical jewelry and magical art. I believe in plant magic, crystal energy, and the healing power of mother nature.

I am a student of the Universe, a scholar of Celtic and Norse mythology, ancient history and traditional music. I connect with the First people of my land and cherish their native religion. I believe in the wind, the trees, the rivers and the roaring Beltane fires. I believe in the hummingbirds, the earthworms, the field mice and the flowers. I believe in kindness, courage, and holding on to childlike wonderment. I believe that we are all connected to one another, and to everything on Mother Earth.

I am a purveyor of artistic goods, magickal items, and spiritual services on Etsy, a freelance fortuneteller, and a writer of forest tales and stories on the world wide web.

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