Friday, March 27, 2015

Ostara, Herbs, and Mad Tea Parties

Hello friends!

Firstly, I have redesigned my blog to suit a little forest girl like myself!  I am longing for green forests and trees once more...

My my March is a busy and buzzing time.

The Spring Equinox has arrived, despite the frigid temperatures we are experiencing here in the North.

We are still buried under the snow.  I am a Northern girl, I must embrace this, though I do admit I long for warmer days sitting under trees reading books a la Frodo Baggins and picking wildflowers.

I was lucky to get out and snap a few shots on Ostara.  In my Damsel in this Dress corset and with flowers in my hair.

As a hedge witch I am embraced herbal remedies and magicks.  I have organized my little herb cupboard with burlap ribbons and rustic mason jars.  I think it looks delightfully primitive and old fashioned.

I was blessed to attend a Mad Tea Party last weekend.  My dear friend Natasha decided that for her birthday party she would host an unbirthday party for all of her friends!  As she is allergic to gluten all of the desserts were gluten free, and they were so yummy!  Cupcakes, cherry tarts, chocolate fondue, macaroons!  And non-gluten free tea cup and tea pot shaped cucumber sandwiches that were simply divine.

Natasha's home is filled with trinkets and whimsical pieces that her and her family have collected throughout the years on their travels and adventures.

The have a little shrine to scotch in their dining room that has been in place since their travels to Scotland last year!  

I am finished my semester, actually pretty much my entire undergraduate degree next week.  I snapped this picture of the moon as I left my class last week, twinkling above the twilight skies and beyond the skeleton tree.

Soon this eternal Mickey Mouse devotee and Potterhead will be off to this castle..

And this one too!

I shall see you when I return!

Love from,

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sisters of the Moon

Dear friends,

Last night was the full moon.

Something I really wanted to focus on this year was to really celebrate the cycles and patterns of nature and the universe around me, instead of just observing them quickly as they go past me, too caught up in my own life to make a big fuss.

I try to sit down at the beginning of the month and look ahead at what changes are to come.  The monthly moon cycles, the seasonal changes.  The spring equinox is soon, and though we are still buried under a foot of snow (as I hear is something a lot of people can relate to) I can feel spring in the air.  The days are lengthening and the clocks go forward this weekend.

It is something that affects everyone's lives, the weather, the changes in seasons.  The small talk we all participate in is mostly related to these cycles of nature.  They are such a huge part of our lives.

So whether religious, or secular, we are all taking part in the observing of the changing cycles of nature.

As the Earth is what I worship, I feel acknowledging and celebrating these cycles and changes are of crucial importance to my spirituality.

I believe in the green wood, the first snow drops of March and the constant yet ever-changing rhythm of the moon.

I believe in the trees, and the birds, and the soil beneath my feet.

I believe in the wind and the rivers and constellations in the night sky.

It is what we all take part in, every day, but what some choose to deem as being sacred.

If you haven't heard of Drawing Down the Moon, it is simply the practice of standing under the full moon and absorbing its energy.  Its light, its power, its radiance.  This can be as simple or as complicated as you like, there are no rules to me.  It is all about being a child of this earth and a child of spirit.  There are rituals, if you would like, or you can simply gaze at the moon and feel her power enveloping you and filling you with light.

I have been choosing to celebrate the moons, full and dark, and the changes in seasons; as well as the changes within me that they create.  I try not to complicate things.  Being a forest dweller, and one who chooses to live away from city lights, these are the things that are sacred to me.  My religion is nature, as simple as that.

While I love to study the crafts of others, it is truly something unique and personal to me that I practice. My relationship to the world around me, and the heartbeat of the earth.

Books are one of my life's passions, but they do not contain the secrets of the moon, or the trees, or the winds.  It is necessary to go outside and gaze up at that moon to feel its power, and its energy.  You may be surprised at what you find out there in the wild wood.

Many blessings,