Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Canopy of Stars, Canadiana and An Upcoming Tea Party

Hi friends!

Ohhhh what a beautiful week it has been.  I've been busy as a bumble-bee, school work, work work, fun work!

I took a voyage to the lake and stayed in a wee cabin with my love!  Of course the bugs drove us out eventually but it was lovely all the same.

I received a package from New Zealand yesterday!

It is a canopy of starssssss!

The canopy has hand painted glow in the dark stars all over it.  I've hung it to cover my desk. They glow ever so slightly at night, and if you are underneath the canopy it is like being under the night sky.  

It comes from a beautiful Etsy shop called Stella Murals and it is such a magical piece!

A couple of new chairs were thrifted this week when I drove by a yard sale and randomly decided to stop.  I think they are so whimsical looking!

My parents recently purchased a retirement home, and are changing a few things around inside.  I've done some work there, painting rooms, washing windows, cleaning off shelves and got to keep the books that I took off the shelf.  I acquired a big stack of literature about Northern Ontario!  A pile of Canadiana books.  I just love Canadiana as you probably all know based on my obsession with Hudson's Bay Company.

And of course, as promised, a few of my outfits of the week!  I will be enlisting help soon to take non-mirror pictures, but here's just a taste of my recent wardrobe ;)

Thrifted skater skirt and Forever 21 off the shoulder blouse.

Forever 21 Peasant Dress.

My Mother-in-law (not really in law lol) loved this one and went and bought us both matching peasant tops after she saw me wearing it, she's so sweet!

And last but not least

I will of course be participating in A Fanciful Twist's annual Mad Tea Party.  Many gypsy plans ;)  See you on July 12!

Love from,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Boots, Hats, and Misty Day

Dear friends,

I seem to be turning this place into a bit of a fashion blog lately!

I've been shop shop shopping!  I finally feel as though I'm defining my personal style, and I know definitively what I like and dislike.  I think this may have to do with the 1970's and 60's being so on trend right now, along with kimonos, fringe, and long cardigans.  I seem to love everything in the shops at the moment which is hard on the wallet!

I can tell you this lady wears many hats…

Don't the berets all stacked up look a bit like pancakes?!

And many boots!

This pair is a little bit witchy and a little bit gypsy.

I've been so inspired since the last season of American Horror Story by the character Misty Day.  

Obsessed with Stevie, a Louisiana swamp witch dressed in fringe, kimonos, peasant skirts, lace up boots and top hats: This lady is my spirit animal.

Which leads to the purchase of more fringe and kimonos:

It's becoming a problem lol!

I will have to start posting outfit pictures, would anyone be interested in the blog becoming a bit more style centred?  I would love to share some of the outfits I wear.

Love and light,

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Roses and Rose Quartz

Dear friends,

I hope everyone had a magical Mother's Day.  

I have both a mother and a stepmother, and am very blessed with kind maternal people in my life.

I choose to also celebrate women in general on this day, including those that do not have biological children.

Women are nurturers, and caregivers; and though I do not have children yet I feel that I am motherly in spirit.

Aunts, wives, girlfriends, nurses, doctors, artists, teachers, and mothers of fur children are all nurturing, motherly women.

I received roses from my love this past weekend, a blessing and kind gesture.

Spring is a fertile time, a time to celebrate life, rebirth, regeneration.  I've hung butterflies around my bedroom in honour of life, and let's be honest butterflies are just lovely.

Thoroughly enjoying this magical candle.  It smells of cedar trees, fresh pears and sunflowers!

I've been collecting MASSIVE crystal specimens and thought I would share some of my collection.  Here is citrine:

Rose quartz:

And a beautiful piece of amethyst on a wooden base, it's larger than my head!  I believe this one should be called the King of the Crystals.

Love and blessings,

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Matryoshka's & Astronomy

Dear friends,

Merry tea party season to you all!  Spring sunshine makes me want to lay a quilt down on the grass and welcome the trolls and sprites to sit down with me for a cuppa!

Isn't this the sweetest little teapot and cup combination for one!  Would you believe my boyfriend picked it out!?  I giggled thinking of this big burly bearded man popping into the shop just to buy one floral teapot!

I wish thank Ms. Misantropia for the loveliest little package!  I won her giveaway recently and received these sweet little items in the post.  A sweet letter, a matryoshka bag (I will keep my oracle cards in), a handmade tag, a heart ornament...

And this fabulous and huggggeeee purple shawl!  I've placed my time turner in it, I think they just go together ;)

I have also completed the building of my doll house (do ignore the chimney, I thought it looked better that way LOL)!  It will soon be painted and the inside will be filled with sweet cakes, a tiny telescope, a bed of flowers?!  I am taking great inspiration from other people's doll houses.  Sara of Snovit's Apple has a beautiful fairy doll house, and I am very influenced by her woodland theme!

I have just begun classes for the summer session and am going to my first astronomy class this evening.   I must say I feel as though I am at Hogwarts taking an astronomy class, though I suppose astronomy is a muggle field of study too!  I do love the stars and planets, I hope this class enriches my love for the night's sky!

I hope everyone has a perfectly peculiar day!