Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tea With the Fairies and True Love

Dear Friends,

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day, I haven't popped by since before then!

I had a lovely one, with promise rings and chocolates and teddy bears!

I found some human sized teacups in the Goblin Mine Woodland (ok ok I may have made them myself ;))

Aren't they charming?  Cheshire cat stripy handles and pink and yellow spots!  Perfect for a tea with the fairies on a bright Beltane day.  Dreaming of spring!!!!

Dreaming so much of spring that I bought a tree to brighten things up in here!  He reminds me of Disney World, palm trees galore!

And greenery bedecking the fireplace!

Spring come soon?  I'll update when the first foot of snow melts ;)

Blessings and love,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Keeping Vs. Collecting & Goblins in the Shop!

Hello dear friends,

Through all of the hubbub that involves bringing oodles of donation bags to the local thrift store, I wonder to myself:  what to keep what to collect?

I consider myself a collector of curious findings, little objects (and big) that tug on my heart strings and demand that I bring them home!

In all of the loudness I sometimes get my wires crossed I think and hear the wrong voices, or hear the voices that I should really ignore.  In other words it is important to my sanity that I keep the collecting to a mentally healthy level.

I also see it as enjoying something for a little while and then passing it on, freeing up space for new things to come home with me.  I haven't got a lot of space, and I must be selective.  Do you ever find yourself starting to resent something you've bought, wishing you hadn't bought it or that you'd like to get rid of that?  I was getting that feeling with so many of my belongings, many of them thrift store or yard sale findings from my teenage years.  I am no minimalist, I continue to be a collector of oddness and whimsy, just trying to keep it down to a smaller scale.

These have been my ponderings since my big space overhaul, I do like everything neat and tidy and putting anything in storage breaks my heart (or makes me worry my collecting has gone overboard!)  I have added since the paint job though!  A new bedspread, white with pink and orange to go with the room without too much of that delightful yet overpoweringly bright raspberry colour.  A sweet little studio mirror and cork board.  A Rowena Ravenclaw diadem.  Two sweet little signs.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week.


PS. Wanted to let everyone know I've popped the Goblin Mine Woodland in the shop!  Feel free to take a peek!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweet, Fresh, Pink and Yellow Spaces

Hello friends!

My apologies for being missing from your sweet blogs comment sections for a week or so.  

I have been spring cleaning.  I know it's not spring yet but February 2nd or so and Candlemas mark the beginning of the light season emerging in my heart!

It just feels like a time to freshen things up.

So I cleaned.  And painted.  And brought a dozen bags to the thrift shop, abandoned about 10 pieces of broken furniture at the end of the driveway for garbage collectors, and made one big huge shopping trip to Target for new, tough closet pieces!

The Bedroom

Oh my goodness that is some hot pink!  I really wanted a pink - purple in between colour, darker and more fortune teller than that baby pink that had been on my walls since I was 17.

I am so in love with my clear desk space!

Tiny space for an altar and my horoscope wall hanging!

The new studio!  So much tidier :)

The paint in this room was REALLY REALLY dinged up.  I spent hours spackling all the teeny tiny holes I'd made hanging up different things on my walls.  My old headboard wasn't attached to my bed base and would slide down and mark the heck out of the walls.

I did everything myself (for the most part, mama helped wash the walls and love helped touch up my slightly-messy-in-spots paint job) and boy is painting hard work?!  My arms are still so sore!

The Dressing Room

This space was sooo sooo cluttered.  It's such a tiny room it needed less furniture and heavy drapery and more airiness and spaciousness.

My dresser is the neatest I've ever seen it!

Shoe storage :)

My favourite part, my new closet system.  So organized and no stress!

Hope you all enjoyed my spaces, this was sooo much work especially during the university year but it was so worth it!  I promise not to let the treasures take over my life again!