Friday, January 24, 2014

The Cozy Canadian Witch's Cottage

Hello friends!

Thank you for your dear sweet comments on The Goblin Mine Woodland, the Goblins are quite happy to hear you think they're adorable :P

I have been deep in my Canadian history studies, concocting ideas for paintings.

I am planning a new series of Canada themed folk paintings that will be debuting one by one soon so watch this space :)

In the mean time I got some beautiful new blue goldstone runes for Etsy readings.

And am starting a collection of jewel toned potion bottles.

And have hung this stunning tapestry from India with moons and stars and the astrological wheel on it above my altar and fortune telling desk.

Carefully choosing crystal by crystal to hold and meditate on, angelite has been my favourite for anxiety lately.

Snuggled under my Hudson's Bay Company blanket, so historical and Canadian.  If you don't know the history the Hudson's Bay Company was founded in 1670 and is the oldest corporation in North America.  It started by trading these blankets to the Aboriginal peoples for furs.

Hope your winter is cozy and snuggly and full of love!


Friday, January 10, 2014

The Goblin Mine Woodland

Dearest friends,

Let me tell you a tale.

I live in a wee house with a forest in my back garden.

At night there are many noises, birds, rabbits, woodland creatures, but something else as well!

The sound of mines, hammers, marching, mining songs, chipping away at rocks to uncover treasures buried long ago, and gold, silver and crystals!

This mine is not employed with men, but goblins!

I'm sure you've heard of goblin mines in tales from your childhood?

The Princess and the Goblin, The Hobbit!

This woodland is quite special as the Northern Lights carnival visits throughout the cold, dark, winter nights; and the Midsummer Festival spurs the fairies to come out and play.

All Hallow's Eve encourages the spooks to come out of hiding and make their visits with their Jack O' Lanterns!

The Mine Goblins

Mermaids swim in the streams and ponds of the woodland, with crystal clear waters.  Will' O the Wisps haunt the creeks and marshes.

German Kobold sprites frequent the caves and mines!

Garfield of the Moon Sparkles, a blue goblin carrying out from the mine a piece of gold in the shape of a moon and a gorgeous rough piece of aquamarine.

Hercules of the Key Holders, a teal goblin, holds the key to one of the spookier parts of the mine, riddled with webs and sparkling spiders!

Emmalina the Crystal Keeper, a shimmering pink goblin is in charge of identifying and organizing the crystal findings in the mine.  She is covered in pink chunky glitter and carries a small piece of rough amethyst.

Endora the forest spook is one of the spooks that love Halloween and carries a shimmering Jack' O Lantern to light her way through the woodland paths and caves.

Sweetheart Mushrooms are some of the varying and whimsical wild flora that grows outside the mines entrance.

I hope you enjoyed my first little batch of goblins, spooks and fairy flora!

There will be more to come I am sure!

This collection was inspired by my love of sweet candy colours, glitter, woodland legends, Earth's treasures in the form of gemstones, and living a mile away from an actual working mine behind the forest past my back garden.


P.S. These aren't in my Etsy shop just yet as I'm not quite sure how to safely ship them.  If you're interested or have a specific idea you'd like me to create, don't hesitate to give me a shout!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Goblins, Goodies and Gifts for You

Dearest friends,

I've been creating away, but the results are not to be revealed yet!

I've started along a path so many of you have already travelled.

What could it be?

I have ventured into the world of art dolls and sculpting!  My little goblins will be revealed in my next post.

Creatures of the Goblin Mine Woodland.  Bringing findings out from the mine, in the woodland where so often fairies have parties and circuses visit!

I can tell you my creations come bearing gifts such as these:

I look forward to sharing my little sculptures when they are ready to be shared, I hope you will love them too!

I have received kind packages and gifts from friends.

A lovely Yule card, handmade and sparklingly stunning from Sara of Snovits Apple.

And I got in on the Magical Cypress Grove Etsy update from A Fanciful Twist!  Meet Maude Sweetcakes and her Kittens!

In celebration of the Goblin Mine Woodland, I am offering a little gift for all of you!  Use the code GOBLINS at checkout in my Etsy shop until Friday for 10$ off ANY purchase over 25 dollars!  Many new spells and readings have been added.

I also wanted to let everyone know that all of the Strange Little Girls painting from two posts ago are now available in my shop!

Link below or in the left sidebar ;)

Blessings and love,