Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flash Sale and Giveaway Winner!

Hi friends!

Just popping in for my last stop before Halloween to declare... I'm having a FLASH SALE!!!

Everything in my shop 40% off with coupon code FLASHSALE used at checkout.

Dreamy tarot readings, art and spells for all occasions!

Oh I also have done a random number choosing for the 3 card tarot reading prize.

Counting down from 27 comments starting with the first as #1  I used random.org

And the winner is...

Emalina of 


Congrats to Emalina!

Friday, October 25, 2013

A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party 2013 & Giveaway!!!

Dearest friends,

The time has come again, I am joining Miss Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist for her 6th annual Halloween extravaganza, my 3rd year participating!

This year, I thought I'd simple things up a lot, and give you the grand tour of the witchy herself's lair!

That's right!  As a real practicing professional witch (and psychic reader) I thought this could be one of the more genuine Halloween experiences you could have.

I keep my staff and broom beside my bed in case I need to take flight or do some casting in the middle of the night ;)

Always a warm (electric) fire in my hearth.  Gotta welcome in lost souls in need of a little bit of guidance.

Where the witch beautifies and dazzles.

A little headless horseman for good measure!

Oh a sweet new witchy friend I have made!

The second film in the Halloweentown series always stuck with me when the young Kal says to Marnie "Most people's rooms look like them"  THIS IS ALWAYS MY GOAL!  I want my space to be an extension of me.

Crystals and a little hoodoo love spell working I did for a customer ;)

When you purchase a dash of magic from me, this is where it is all performed, my sacred space.

And this my lovelies is where I perform all of my psychic readings!  

Hope you enjoyed this casual party, a bewitching tour of my space!

Now for a giveaway!  All who comment will be entered, but if you want to follow me that's cool too ;)

I am giving away a three card 1 question tarot reading from my shop Broomsticks and Lace Etsy (link is clickable if you want to take a lookie for a art, magic spells, and readings)

Thank you muchly to Miss V for being the hostess with the mostest as always!  Do stop by all the other partiers by heading back to www.afancifultwist.com!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Owls, Crystal Balls and Babies?!

Hi friends,

Long time no talk.

Do you ever feel like this blogging world is dwindling? 

I've been a bit concerned lately.  Do stop by and tell me you're still out there, I love you all dearly and don't want you to go anywhere!

I must admit in your absence I've started a collection...

Crystal balls!

Yes yes, the Halloween sorcery, witchery and fortune telling is in full swing.  What else could one expect from such an October time!

In fact, my shop is brimming with witchy spell goods!  Enchantments and spells, if you wish me to cast one!  Or perhaps you would like to know your fate?  Many different types of fortunes are available too!

And this sweet face:

Minerva and Her Owl, a new creation of mine.  

Available in my sweet shopling!  Always available for a good etsy swap too!

Oh I must let you all know I have created a Broomsticks and Lace facebook page.  Here is the link!

Once a get a few likes I'll update it with daily happenings, as we all know these darn blog posts are few and far between these days.

I must introduce you to the most special one of all though!

Just a few precious weeks ago, I became a step aunty.

Meet Madelynn Amelia.

Isn't she gorgeous? I promise to spoil her silly and buy her lots of pink things!

So much love to you all,