Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Real World Can Be Magical Too

Aren't we all guilty of it?  Escaping into art and our own little worlds because the outside world is just too darn harsh?

I'm here to tell you I've spent some time out there, away from my little space, and it's not so bad!

I even found inspiration to freshen things up around here:

Yes yes new fabrics for my spaces!  Much brighter and tidier.

Then a very sweet Valentine's day riddled with a 7pm midterm!  No fancy dinners for this gal.  Sweet Valentine message included.

And sweet little gifts from a sweetheart.

Skyping with sleepy chihuahuas.

And concert going!  I went to see Eric Church with a couple of lovely friends the other night.  I must have been the only person there without a plaid shirt on.

Apologies to my mister but I just loved this guy below.  Sighhhh.  He played the fiddle too!  

That's all the excitement I've been up to.  No new art!!!  I want to sit down and paint so badly but well... I got Netflix and it's been the best distraction from real life.  HEHE!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Natasha and the Festival of Balloons

Hi friends!

I've been off off and away, in la la land, I seriously thought I'd just blogged last week.  Ah well.

I have new art to share :)

This is "Natasha and the Festival of Balloons".

Natasha skates along the river with her wild companion.

The balloon festival happening beyond the trees casts reflections in the ice.

Natasha is available in my Etsy shop right now, just click the link below.

In other news I've been dwelling in the realm of enchantment of late.

A wolf moon.

Oh I had red hair for about 3 days!  Haha, don't do it!!!!!!!  I'm STILL washing red out of my hair in the shower.

Cozy firelit nights.

Mama's off to the Dominican Republic for vacation this week so I've got the house to myself.  I won't get up to too much mischief ;)

Oh!  And giant toadstools! ;)

Ciao beautiful ones!