Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From My Sick Bed

Hi friends!

As is guessable from the title I have taken quite ill.

I've spent the past few days in this place:

Next to this good stuff.  Don't get any ideas, the toilet paper is for blowing my nose.

Luckily being bed ridden allows me to read.

The symptoms I got were all at once.  I had razor blades in my throat, a painful chest, achy muscles, massive amounts of coughing, a fever, and a stuffy nose all in the same night.  BRUTAL flu I tell ye's.

Last week, thinking I could spend a day in the hot sun I got sun poisoning.  I think I may be a vampire, allergic to the sun.  If I spend too much time in it I get covered in speckly yucky heat rash.  It's WRETCHED!

The only things that have cheered my up from my poorliness are reading the updates and blogposts from you folk, as well as this gorgeous double rainbow that stopped by a few days ago!

If you look closely you can see the second rainbow to the left of the brighter one.  Isn't that supposed to be lucky or something?

I also quite fortunately got these two lovely bears for 2 bucks each at a church sale this past weekend.  They're about a foot tall each!  I'd never seen such enormous bear figurines!

So that's about all that's going on in my neck of the woods.  We got a massive thunderstorm last night which I LOVED!  But mostly, I've been feeling pretty gross.  I NEVER get sick, so this was terrible.
I think it's quite possible I got it from the daycare.  Oh the joys of children HAHAHA!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blessings & Bunnies

Hi everyone!

Hope all you mothers and grandmothers and children of mothers had a lovely day last Sunday!

I myself had a great day with my own sweet mummy, who is the loveliest most Irish looking lady you would ever meet!  Hehe!

After some expression of sadness from her regarding the fact that I'd never painted anything just for her, I whipped this piece up for my mom especially for Mother's Day.

Based off of this picture from when she was a tiny little girl:

And I also remembered that I forgot to share a piece I made especially for Melanie of Rabbit Hole Art from our art swap last month:

Not only have I been sending out art, but I've received it recently as well!  Miss Jessica of A Woodland Fantasy sent me this gorgeous pencil piece for my birthday!  We each had Wonderland themes to our birthday art for eachother, how funny is that!?  I think we know each other TOO well sometimes haha.  Anyway, it has taken pride of place on my shelf so I can look at it while sitting in bed.  I LOVE IT!  Thanks so much Jess!

Jessica ALSO sent me these magnificent labels that she made herself!  I have already used a few of them in a secret witchy project I've been concocting that I will share soon.  

We have also had a visitor at our little Shire recently too.  Well I think there are two of them.  Their twins.  Shall we name them?  I haven't a clue what their names could be, maybe you know?  I can't help but want to name them Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny.

And finally, I've been deep into Sarah Addison Allen's books!  Remember when I shared the Sugar Queen?  Well I got my mom reading that one now and she, who normally is finicky with books, has been addicted to it.  This is good stuff.  I am on to Garden Spells now which is proving just as addicting as the Sugar Queen was.  I am also reading The Princess and the Goblin which you can sort of see peeking out around the corner.  It's so lovely and refreshing to delve into a fairytale when you're in the mood.

I have been working every day this week at the daycare, and loving it so much!  Since it's at a gym there is a two hour limit to how long the parents are allowed to leave the kids with us, so luckily there's not a lot of diaper changing or anything.  And the kids are so lovely!  They're mostly 2-3, but there are some a bit under the age of 1 too, they're soooo cute!  I am working all by myself next week, wish me luck!

Lots of love,


Monday, May 7, 2012

Magic Moon, Yard Sales, An Enchanted Forest, and SWEET 16 JESS!!!

First and foremost,

Wishing a beautifully happy 16th birthday to Miss Jessica, of A Woodland Fantasy.

Jessica is 16 today!  However, she is so brilliantly wise beyond her years.  Please go visit her and wish her a happy birthday!  She is such a lovely, kind, splendid, muchness-filled friend of mine.


How was your supermoon Saturday night?

I must be honest, the biggest, lowest, orangest moons are rarely the ones that are considered supermoons.

  They're usually flukes I suppose.


 The moon didn't come out from behind the clouds until about 4 am.  And sure as can be, at 4 am it woke me up somehow, seemingly to say "Hey, I'm here now! Come out and play"

 So there I was, wide awake at 4 am, watching this from my bed, thinking "How can you not believe in magic?"

And the next day I decided to go on an adventure through the Shire.  That's what I've taken to calling my home haha.  I live in such a forested area, I can't wait until the leaves are on the trees.

This, folks, is my back yard.  Neat, huh?  Lots of paths to follow, and wildberries to pick in the Summer.

Usually on May Day and Midsummer I will bring up plates of fairy treats for the fairies to eat.  I truly do believe there are fairies at the bottom of my garden.

 Somebody started building a tree house up here I see.

It is sort of a wild, rugged terrain, but I love it dearly and there are lots of shady trees to sit under in the Summer.  I can pretend to be just like Frodo Baggins, who in his heart is still in love with the Shire.

Though I look more like a mad, colourful woman in the woods than a hobbit ;)

I swear it is much greener in the Summer, and yes I will be back often to take pictures.

Oh and finally, I have been doing a bit of yardsaling now that the weather's warmed up.  There were a few this weekend and I found some absolute treasures.

I have set up a little desk in my boudoir where I can write in my journal and scrapbook and do other things that don't involve messy paints.  The little treasure cabinet was $1, and the lamp was $10 the same yard sale.

 And the doll?  Well for some reason I had to have her, and call her Emmalina.  Which I later found out is a German name and these types of dolls are made in Germany.  She is very old, since her skin is so white and her eyes are painted on.  How much did I pay for her?  Well only $5.

And my new treasure.  My absolute BABY!  I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!  This is my new French easel, which I got at a yard sale for only $20.  I have named him Jacque :)  He is perfect for the witch's study, so now I can paint in there too should I like.  I was FLABBERGASTED at the cost of nice dark wood French easels online.  Like... upwards of $150-200.  This one is exceptionally good quality and I am so in love.  I keep popping in the study to stare.

Hope you've made it this far!  Am cooking a nice shire stew of beef, carrots, potatoes, onions and herbs for tonight.  It's meant to rain and I can think of nothing cozier.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Art

Hello all!

First of all, I want to thank you for all of the kind birthday wishes on my last post.  My birthday was really magical and I can accredit that SOOO much to all of you magical folk.

Just dropping in with a quick post to share some of the art I have created recently.

Lots of birthdays have been happening, which means art for gifts, and me constantly creating but being unable to share any of it until it arrives at its destination.

The first piece I've made was for my lovely brother, who turned 22 yesterday.

Now that we're both in our twenties, I wanted to make him something to remember old times.

So I went off of this portrait, in which I am 3, and he is 5, at least I think so.

I also sent off a parcel, which arrived quite speedily, to Miss Jessica at A Woodland Fantasy, whose birthday is on May 7th.  So everyone go wish her a happy birthday when it comes ;)

Jessica is a true princess of Wonderland, and deserved a very special piece of art to celebrate her.

Did you know that Lewis Carroll himself originally wanted Alice to be brunette?  He drew her as brunette in all of her sketches.  However, later illustrators depicted her as blonde, and everyone else followed suit.

So Miss Jessica, as a brunette, is certainly the Alice type :)

The piece is glittered, cheshired, toadstooled, cupcaked, and trimmed with lace.  All are emulations of Jessica herself.

So that's some of the madness that's been happening in the studio.

I am still working on the Practical Magic house, if you're wondering where that piece vanished off to.  It's one of those ones that get put on the back burner, and get slowly worked on for ages and ages...

I also got a job for the Summer.  Working at a daycare in a gym part time.  The job offer arrived on my birthday, which was just perfect since I had been stressing about having to go look for a job.  The job market in my city, and well, everywhere, is so darn daunting.

And finally, I got a new tattoo!  I am not going to share it unfortunately though.  I had noticed my blog was being reached through pictures of my tattoos and I realized I was very uncomfortable with this.  I have removed all of the photographs of my other ones.  After much consideration, I realized this blog wasn't only being read by people who comment and visit regularly, but was also easily found from all stretches of the cyber world.  So, hopefully understandably, I have decided not to continue sharing them.

This is not just an issue with tattooing, it is also a concern, I am sure most of us feel, with my art.  However, art is not something permanently etched on my body, and does not usually carry such IMMENSE personal meaning

Ok, so after rambling all that, I will tell you what the tattoo is of!

I drew it myself and it is a crown, with a spider inside topped with a fleur de lis.

Hope everyone has a great day!