Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holly Jolly Favourites

I apologize, this blog post is going to seem all over the place.  Let's be honest, it IS all over the place...  But as Christmas day is in, you count them, 3 DAYS, I thought I'd throw out a little favourites post.  I've just finished my exams and am now in the most cheery mood imaginable.  I just feel like enjoying the holidays and the people I love.  For the first time in a long time... I am relaxed :)  I have even painted my nails for the first time in ages, of course in Christmas colours:

Oh dear, the focus is terrible on that... I apologize.  Someone once told me my fingers are extremely short in comparison with the rest of my hand.  I have to agree.  Don't mind the lipstick swatches.  Which brings up one of my favourites of right now.  Revlon Lip Butters!  These are awesome new lip balm /  lip sticks that I have been obsessed with lately.  They are right in the middle of the two, I would say.  I picked up a few, they're very hard to find right now since they're new and we usually get stuff way after they are out in America, so I'm surprised I could find any at all.

From left to right they are Raspberry Pie, Peach Parfait, and Candy Apple.

Another favourite beauty item lately is a set of perfumes from Tocca.  These are the travel set of three of their most popular fragrances.  I believe the set is called Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggo, which I think means travel in Italian.  Forgive me if I am wrong.

Included are 15 ml beautiful little glass bottles of Stella, Florence, and Cleopatra.  Each fragrance by Tocca is the namesake of a fabulous woman, which appealed to me highly.  To be truthful, the gorgeous little bottles themselves appealed to me highly as well.  Stella is Italian and smells of blood orange at first but then deepens to a Sandalwoody sort of smell.  Florence is Parisian and to me smells just like gardenia.  It also has a slight jasmine smell.  I find gardenia and honeysuckle smell similar so I would also say this smells of honeysuckle.  Finally, the one I was really excited about was Cleopatra, which of course is named for the Queen of the Nile herself.  If you know what Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely smells like, this is extremely similar.  It has a warm, almost heady scent but I don't find it too old fashioned for me, and I am only 19.

I nearly forgot my most favourite of all favourites.  I would like to introduce everyone to my new companion and dearest friend, Mr. Gordo:

He is a Pillow Pet and I love him :)

I also discovered how to turn the sepia setting on my camera on... , I have only had this camera for two years hahaha.

Minus the laptop on the bed, doesn't this look super old fashiony?  I was thrilled with it!  No, I don't make my bed properly ever.  It has sheets on it and the blankets are all in proper order, that's good enough for me.  Please don't judge.

And finally, to conclude this scatter brained post I wanted to show some updated pictures of my dressing room / closet.  I am thrilled with it.  The goal with this room has always been for it to look like the kind of dressing room Satine would have had in Moulin Rouge.  Victorian and Bohemian.  Also mixed with some crazy Jenn touches.  My brother is a film student and has returned home for Christmas and stumbled upon my decor (since it always changes).  He says I should be a set dresser because not a space is left blank and it's extremely quirky and eccentric.  I'm not sure if that's a compliment... but I'll take it!  I don't like blank space... modern Scandinavian simplistic decorating is my worst nightmare.  Haha.  That'll tell you enough about my taste I suppose.

Since I may not be popping in until after Christmas, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas or whichever holiday you celebrate.  Even if you don't celebrate any, enjoy the season and the snow that hopefully will come your way if you live somewhere that gets it!  I am in Northern Ontario and we have no snow :(  looks like it may not be a white Christmas but I am certain it will be wonderful nonetheless.

Happy holidays and lots of love,

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm late, I'm late. For a very important and festive date! A Woodland Fantasy Christmas Tea 2011!

Oh dear me.  I must apologize.  A wheel fell off my carriage on the way to this most splendiferous of events.  I assure you, I wouldn't miss it for the world.  I have no valid excuse.  It is a very busy time of year.  But what  do you know, I pulled out my watch and looked at the time this fair evening....

Well... to be completely honest I don't really know what my watch is trying to tell me...  It is either 6:22... or 5:38... or  6:38... or 5:22.  I really don't know hee hee.  But I know that I am very very late!  And for that I do apologize dear Jessica.

As I trot along in my fur lined cape I notice there are some suspicious prints in the snow.  RABBITS?!  Could there be RABBITS at this party?!  I would simply expire with glee!

Now that I have arrived at my most loveliest of destinations, I must wonder what is going on in the doll house!  I heard nothing but scurrying up there earlier and am aching to take a peek!  However... I know how its inhabitants appreciate their privacy, so perhaps I will take a secret photo and not invade toooooo much hee hee!

Ok... just one little peek through the windows...  Oh look!  The family of rabbits is appear to be having a meeting.  MY MY!  They are discussing the wonderful tea at A Woodland Fantasy they are in attendance of!  I must be honest, it is the sweetest of occasions.  Christmas spirit and all, one almost gets a tear in her eye thinking of the warmth and kindness felt this season.

Would you like to see my fabulous clothing for the occasion?  To be honest... I thought pyjamas were the best costume for the day.  So I wore red ones in honour of the holiday :)  But the shoes were pure party and pure Cinderella.

Now let's see what this rabbit family has gotten itself into... ahhhh yes, settled down comfortably next to an ENORMOUS tea set. 

Alright... let's be honest.  These are some very tiny tea cups.  These are also some VERY tiny rabbits.  Perhaps those bunny prints in the snow didn't belong to these particular rabbits...  This cup couldn't hold more than a couple of thimbles full!  At 5'3" I am not a very big human, but let's be honest I am no Thumbelina!

Oh dear the baby bear family seems to have gotten itself entwined in the shrubbery!  The scent is divine, I do not blame them.  

Have I mentioned the treats at this party?  YUM!!!!  Sugar cookies with Christmas kisses and sparkly cupcakes!

Ok... I'll admit this one is not quite edible... but it looks delicious and is a feast for the eyes!

Oh... I apologize... would you care for a cuppa?  I've spiked it with holiday cheer :)

Happy holidays everyone and make sure to stop by Jessica's for some lovely Christmas tea and treats!
Thank you to Jessica for having this party!  It was wonderful and I am so pleased to have gotten to partake in it, even if I was late!

Lots of love,

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happiness No Matter What and Thrifted Goodies

Apologies for the two-week blogging break.  The world has kicked me in the butt lately.  It started with Prince Charming... not so charming.  I hate to say it like this but I just don't think he was that into me hahaha.  Harsh but true.  Last week my friend and her boyfriend broke up, I was at uni until 10 pm with her every night and on Skype until 2 am.  I love her and am not complaining, it was just a bad thing to happen to her.  No one likes to see their loved ones in pain.  Last Thursday my father was admitted to the hospital.  He is alright and has since been released but it is stressful to have a parent ill.  I am in the midst of end of term exams and have had an essay due in each class.  I've had to unfortunately ask for extensions in a couple of these classes, something I HATE to do.  I don't like it when people think their exceptions are the exception.  But alas I did it.  This weekend there was another imposter prince, which I won't detail.  But I am coming to the conclusion that this damsel does not need to be saved, more like left alone for a while.  So no more Prince Charming posts from me, because let's face it girls, he doesn't exist.

Through all of this nastiness, I woke up this morning feeling incredibly happy.  In the past two weeks I haven't cried, I haven't been angry, nothing.  I have just sort of accepted everything a little bit apathetically.  I have also been worried about myself, wondering if this is the healthiest way to go about things.  But my cheer this morning makes me realize that I have so many beautiful things in my life, I suppose I didn't want to worry about ones that would be insignificant in the long run.  My assignments have gotten done, my friend is fine, my dad is fine, I AM FINE.  Besides, how could one not be cheerful when she wakes up to this outside of her window:

Indeed!  A Winter Wonderland has struck us!  My car is buried in about a foot of snow, which makes me happy I am not planning on leaving the house today.  I suppose that's the benefit of living in Canada, we usually have white Christmasses.  Except for about 6 years ago, when I was in the ninth grade.  No snow at all!

I decided to pop by the local Value Village yesterday for some much needed retail therapy.  I much prefer thrift stores to malls, no one is going to have what you buy and you have the opportunity to find some really unique and amazing things.  I was on the hunt for some winter woolies, as I never feel like I have enough.  Here I go again referencing Harry Potter, but knitted things make me feel like I am Hermione Granger or something! HEE HEE!  Not to mention our Great Hall at uni has a big old Christmas Tree in it!  Hardly as nice as the Hogwarts Great Hall but still... it makes me smile.

I love Aran Sweaters and this one was hand knitted.  For only 5 dollars.... seriously.  Thrifting is amazing.

I also picked up a couple of girly little items that made me smile.  A while back I picked up a handmade figurine that looked just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I think I paid two bucks and I loved it because someone made it and it was special and unique.  Well yesterday I found this one, and it was signed by the same artist!  It was 1.99$!  Bought :)

This lovely box, I like to think it's Cinderella's treasure box :)  It looks like it would be.

A carpet bag, to add to my growing collection of carpet bags.  I believe this obsession began with Little House on the Prairie, I always remembered the beautiful carpet bag the Ingalls' used as a suitcase and wanted one so bad.  I have yet to find one that looks perfectly Victorian but I think this one is pretty good.  For 6 dollars, I am not going to complain.

A lovely Marie Antoinette type frame.

And a couple of decorations from around the house.  Our big tree is finally up and I love it.  My mom did quite a good job I must say.  I also dressed the fireplace with some greenery, fake of course, I would leave real trees and all that but my mother refuses!  Harsh.  Haha, actually it is probably a lot tidier this way.

I leave you with this:  the quite possible coziest most Victorian and delightful Christmas special in history.  Beatrix Potter's Tailor of Gloucester

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Lace Filled Tower, Sophie and Emily, and a Christmas Tea!

Recent events have lead me to ponder this little room I live my life in.  I really do feel a bit like Rapunzel sometimes... though I am afraid I let my hair down too often for imposter princes.  What I really need to do, as the lovely Cameron at Paint Myself Pretty told me last week (thank you for your beautiful advice, it touched me deeply!) I need to find a prince good enough to leave my tower for.  So I figured it was high time I revealed a little bit of my lace filled turret room, which to be honest is not actually a turret at all.  It is in the back corner of the house and has a beautiful view of the enchanted forest grounds, so I reckon that's good enough.  I did a little updating to my boudoir this past week, because my lovely mother bought me a HUGE white bookshelf to house all of my tales.  I was pleased as punch!  It fits in perfectly and I love it!

A couple of different views of my room:

As you may or may not have noticed, there are a couple of girls in there who were hand painted by myself.  Their names are Emily and Sophie (Emily in blue, Sophie in pink).  I wanted to create a sort of Victorian dolly feel with these two gals, and so I painted them on wallpaper!  I think they look quite sweet as a pair.

Jessica over at A Woodland Fantasy is to be holding a Christmas tea!  Oh please participate with us will you???  It will be an absolute delight!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Gypsy Dressing Room, A Piece of My Art and Bath and Body Works Holiday Goodies!

As you may know, after the A Fanciful Twist Halloween Party I grew very very naughty indeed and decided my witchy side needed a bit of glamour.  I'm going to be honest... I was watching the movie Burlesque and was a little inspired to create a beautiful space to express all of my little glam, girly needs.  So a dressing room was in order.  I am only 19 and still live at home but I have two rooms at my disposal: my boudoir, which is my lace filled turret room and will always be a boudoir (meaning it will always house my bed), and then another room... my little private sanctuary.  I have many interests, but my main ones are art and beauty / fashion.  So this room has been tossed around a lot between being a little dressing room and a study /  studio.  I am very pleased with this transformation though and hope I don't change it again too soon! (I worked so flipping hard on it I don't think I could undergo it again anyhow!)  So without further ado, here she is, my Gypsy Dressing Room!

Of course, what dressing room would be complete without a dressing table?

Shoe shelves!

Some shelves for frames A Fanciful Twist postcards and a painting I did of the Green Man.  Also, of course, my silver tree! (And a Monster High doll next to eat that seems to have toppled over and died, haha).  As you can see, lots of drawers are necessary in this room.  It houses ALL of my clothes and accessories.  The only thing I keep in my boudoir are my pyjamas.

Of course, the ACTUAL closet part of the closet.  I replaced the doors with red curtains to give it a more  Burlesque /  Gypsy kind of feel.  The removal of the doors also made the closet seem like a separate little alcove and made the room seem way larger.

And just for fun I picked up some candy cane lights for the mantle in my bedroom.

Something I have never shared before is the fact that, not only do I love to buy and admire whimsical art, I like to create it too!  This one was painted a couple of years ago and is called "The Boatman's Dream". I consider myself a folk or primitive artist.  It is hardly a professional thing and I have never shown or sold any art, it is purely for me.  To paint the way I see things on the inside.  There is nothing like putting paint to canvas.  It unleashes a flood of things.

So... as this post seems to be all over the place anyway, I thought I would share my recent Bath and Body Works binge.

Can I just say, their new Pink Sugarplum fragrance for Christmas is DIVINE.  I am hooked!

Their candles are my absolute favourite of any brand.

Hee hee... the box when it arrived.  That is just pure rottenness.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful 11/11/11.  Don't forget to makes big wishes and dream enormously today, for they are all sure to come true!

Lots of Love!